Bob the Builder

Okay, I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with pretty, antique looking furniture. Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, you name it.. I love it! Clearly, I cannot afford these kind of purchases (nor do I need more pieces in my little college home) but it’s nice to dream!

As an avid West Bottoms shopper in KC, I have decided to learn how to build things myself. Even though it may have been a gift out of guilt, I received a beautiful tool kit from my poppa and now my imagination is running wild. Friday, I headed to the local Kirksville hardware store and bought lumber. The men helping me looked at me like I was crazy (wearing a nice dress and sweater didn’t help my case.) But, there I trotted out of the store, arms full of unfinished wood slabs, on a mission.


It took a couple tries but with a total of 8 screws, I built a lovely bookshelf. I screwed in a couple hooks for easy hanging, and lastly stained it a deep mahogany wood color. Friends..I think I found my calling! It was relatively easy and made me feel powerful and inventive, like I have beat the system that is interior decorating expenses. I dare you to take it upon yourself something during October and build/paint/redo something!


as always, be kind, and be creative! xoxo Rachel


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