Bedroom Gardens

I really, really love having indoors plants. I  mean REALLY. Now, this love may be more aesthetic than anything else but I have always believed blindly that this is also good for our health and well being, too. After a little research, I have found out that it’s SO TRUE!


My favorite indoor plants to have are succulents. They typically have fatty leaves or parts that are full of water (you only have to water once every two weeks!!) You really have to try to kill them- they make a great first plant. Growing a healthy succulent garden is easy when you follow these steps.

For many of you, you probably enjoy having a beautiful bouque in your home but those only come on special occasions. Having indoor plants that flower gives your home the pop of color and nature you’re looking for! A popular one is the African Violet. Ok, I am biased and LOVE that it is purple for my Bulldogs, but Better Homes and Gardens considers this the easiest flowering house plant!!

I love this video because my newest plant has been losing leaves and I had no idea how to fix it! This video gives me a lot of ways to nurse my plant back to great health.

Friends, go out there and add some plants to your life. They purify the air you breath and make your house a home! All you need to buy is:

a pot/container to put it in (I even use old coffee pots. Super fun in a kitchen!)

A bag of dirt for filling out your pot

Your plants!

I hope if you don’t already have greenery in your home, you go out and make this small investment. I love my bedroom garden and having a responsibility while I’m in college. Enjoy your week!!!

xoxo Rach


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