Convenience of Composting

Rotting, gnarly, reeking…. These are the words my roommates use to describe our weekly composting. So, maybe it isn’t the cleanest bucket around but we are lucky to have such an easy opportunity to be a little green!

Some people ask, ‘What’s composting?’ and ‘Like, why even bother?’ To all my diva sisters and brothers out there who don’t see the good, let me tell you something.. You’re taking WASTE and creating something USEFUL again… Fresh, beautiful soil! What are the best things to compost you ask?

Best Compost-Friendly Scraps: 

Egg Shells

Coffee Grounds

Produce Leftovers

Breads and Grains

comost 2 comost 3 compost

Truman State University, like many schools, has wonderful but sadly underrated opportunities to compost conveniently. At Truman we have a Compost Project. Leftover food is collected in compost bins in dining halls and the SUB regularly. For off-campus students, simply sign up to be a pick-up address and buy a plastic bucket at the local hardware store and- voilá -you’ll be adding to the composts of Kirksville in no time!

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States event recognizes great benefits of composting on their website and encourages folks to take part. What if you aren’t a student but still exploring the idea of starting a compost? No sweat! It’s easy to compost in your own back yard following detailed directions like these, detailed composting directions.

compost 4

Enjoy your new compost, friends! It’s an easy step to being that closer to our environment! xoxo, Rach


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