Carry Your Cup!

Hey Friends!

If you’re a Truman student, I hope you had a fabulous Homecoming 2014. If you’re not, well I hope your week was still awesome. Last week I posted that I wanted to talk about shopping local today BUT I had a bit of inspiration for something else: REUSABLE CUPS/MUGS/BOTTLES! 

As many of you know, I am a coffee addict. I love finding new coffee shops and I love having my favorites, too. Most folks that wander in as I am sipping and studying get the shop’s to-go cup even if they’re staying there for a while. According to Carry Your Cup, Americans throw away 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups every year. You’re now hopefully thinking, “Oh my gosh this is horrifying! What can I do to help reduce these alarming numbers?” Have no fear! There are really important AND easy steps you can take to lower this number drastically!

1) CARRY YOUR CUP! Really, how hard is that? We always remember to grab our keys, sunglasses, purse; it’s just as easy to train ourselves to grab our cup- whether it’s for coffee, water, or like mine- holds all the drinks. You can sign a pledge to remind yourself to make this a priority. If you’re reusing, you’re not wasting. And that’s a fact! (P.s. Most coffee shops give you a discount for not wasting their cups. Bonus!)

2) If you do have to buy your coffee in a to-go cup (this happens to even the biggest reusers) ask for a recycled cup sleeve or recycle your own! You’ll be saving a lot of cardboard paper over time. At Jazzman’s Coffee on Truman’s campus there is a crate that always holds recycled sleeves. You can grab one or donate to the pile.

3) If you like sodas that come in a bottle, consider taking your cup to a fountain machine instead. American’s throw away 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles every hour. Only approximately 24% of these plastic bottles are recycled, meaning our land is being filled with plastic that can’t decompose. Sometimes, grabbing plastic bottles is just easiest- I get that. Train yourself to recycle what can be recycled. It feels pretty good to know you’re not actively putting plastic or glass into our Earth.


What is YOUR favorite way to create the least amount of waste possible? Do you carry a cup with you? If not, think about making this easy but important decision. Our Earth has done so much for us, it is about time we start giving respect and love back.

Have a beautiful FALL week! Xoxo, Rachel


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