New Life for Old Tees

If you’re anything like me, you have 2 or 3 drawers full of high school t-shirts at your parents’ home, and too many college shirts at school. I hate throwing away tees but when they’re that old, what on Earth can you do with them? 

1. You can make a T-shirt quilt….. I have a lovely one from my sister with high school shirts.

2. You can make beautiful infinity scarves. My roommate has great Truman themed ones for Purple Friday!

3. You can make dog toys! Which is what I chose to do with my old tees over Fall Break!



Step 1: Cut your tees into large strips. These cuts do not need to be straight, even lines. Just cut ’em up!

Step 2: Cut these large strips into small ones- as small as you want/can.

Step 3: You can either knot a singular strip until it resembles a bone, or take 3 and braid them.


My sweet puppy enjoying her new t shirt toy!

These are fantastic to use as toys for your own dogs, your friends’ and family’s dogs, or donate to a local shelter! they rely on the donations of animal lovers near them to keep the dogs and cats entertained, healthy, and happy! You end up cleaning up drawers and putting to go use shirts that don’t get worn anymore. Have fun reducing, reusing, and recycling!!

Xoxo, Rach


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