Lights OUT!

We are all guilty of it: leaving a light on through the night when we are sleeping or when we are gone all day. Sure, it is comforting knowing that lamp is burning in the living room while we are getting Zzz’s in our bed. Is this worth it? Are these actions cranking up the electricity bills, wasting fossil fuels, and emitting greenhouse gases? 

Your normal incandescent bulb costs 75 cents an hour to use. That’s 18 dollars a day!! Not only would turning off lights be great for our environment, also our pocket books! There are many ways to save energy at home starting today if you open your mind to new habits in your daily routine.

1) Replace your old bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) which use 75% less energy, or LED (light emitting diode) which uses 80% less energy and lasts 22 YEARS! LED bulbs can cost less than a dollar per year to operate. Compare that to your old bulbs- huge difference.

2) Plug your things into power strips, especially electronics. When you’re not using them, turn off the power strip. Even if something is turned off, it still uses electricity being plugged in. Power strips are very affordable and can be found at any Walmart or hardware store.

3) Use cold water cycles in your washing machine. If you have to use hot water, make sure it is a full load before starting the the cycle.

4) If you can’t replace your lights right now, turn them out! Open your shades and let the sun say hello. I also love to burn candles in my room at night- very relaxing, smells delicious (right now I am burning an apple pumpkin scent) and reduces electricity usage! Be sure you blow them out before leaving so you don’t have any fire scares.

IMG_0731 IMG_0729 IMG_0733

There are also big ways to dream and plan for the future to REALLY save your money and make a huge impact on our beautiful Earth. Many things are not immediate but important to think about as we move towards a more sustainable and thoughtful society.

1) Someday when your washer and dryer are ready to be replaced, get energy efficient appliances! They may cost more on the sticker, but the cost difference will be made up in savings in just the first year.

2) Solar windows! Yes- solar panels are super cool What’s cooler? Installing windows that look normal but actually absorb the sunlight to generate energy for the building. This is up and coming but already in use and successful! This green home in Nashville Tennessee has installed them and other cool ‘green’ concepts.

It is up to us to make the difference, folks!! Let’s stop using our electricity and energy like it is a renewable source and start thinking environmentally. Have a great week, and be kind to one another,

xoxo Rachel


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