Giving for the Holidays

With the holidays and winter around the corner (or for some of us- already here, darn snow!), folks are in the most need NOW. When you take yourself outside of your own worries and wishes to help out a stranger who is facing a set of trials as well, you put your own life into perspective and help change the lives of others in the process. How can you make a difference this winter? Funny you ask, there are many underrated opportunities to help others near and far. 

Choose a child off of a Giving Tree or ‘adopt a family’ for the Holidays. This can be an amazing way to provide gifts that are useful to a family that may not otherwise have a way to get what’s needed. Most of the items can be found at a dollar store and this is an affordable way to impact someone’s life. Many churches have opportunities to provide for local community members or people across the world. Stores like Walmart have trees full of donation ideas, too.

Support those protecting our nation through the Holidays so that we can spend them with those we care for. You can do this by sending gifts or letters overseas to members of our military, or baking holiday treats to deliver to your local fire and police stations for those working during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, etc.

My personal favorite way to spread joy during the holiday season is caroling with my friends. Nursing homes especially love these kinds of visits as some residents do not receive any visitors during these days meant to be spend with your family. You could be the most tone deaf person and still bring a smile to a lonely face. From personal experience, this beats any plans I may have had instead to bring joy to those who deserve it most. I’ve also had permission from a local Sonic to sing carols with friends in their parking lot. If you go all out and dress up in all your holiday gear, it will transpire to a night you won’t forget.

One last, very easy and important way to give back is going through your old clothes and belongings to donate to the Salvation Army. Not only does this organization provide affordable products and clothing for all, but they participate in coat drives and donate proceeds to those in need.

“…..and the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come form a store. Maybe Christmas, he thought, means a little bit more.” 

Be kind, love all xoxo Rachel


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