Staying Warm this Winter

The time has come where we begin to wrap up the semester and wrap up Christmas gifts. Is there a feeling more relieving and magical? I will no longer be writing this blog as an assignment and will be taking down my required disclaimer however, my hopes are that I continue sharing great ideas for environmentally friendly living and crafting! Next semester I am enrolled in a course called Grassroots Environmentalism and I am confident that I will have a lot to share with you until May. 

As promised, I have researched the easiest, best ways to keep warm in our houses without throwing away too much cash and without polluting the air. I’ve picked my top 3 favorite ways but I want to know what YOU do to stay warm. Feel free to share in a comment below!

1)  If you don’t have curtains on your big, most drafty windows: invest now! If you do have curtains, keep them drawn when temperatures are low and consider adding an extra layer of fabric to them. Drafty windows are the main way our houses stay cold despite attempts to keep them heated.

2)  Avoid keeping large furniture or items near your radiator or vents. You may not realize it, but this furniture is absorbing the heat that’s being produced and not sharing nicely with you and your roommates. Instead, keep these areas clear to ensure the heat spreads throughout the rooms of your home.

3)  Most importantly, don’t heat your house all day! It is a total myth that keeping the heat on all day will help keep your house most warm. If no one is going to be home during the daytime hours, turn the heat down or off. Many new heating systems have timing options. You can have your heat automatically turn off and on depending on your household’s personal schedules. This will keep your house from wasting energy and high bills!

There are so many unique tricks to making winter warm and affordable. Don’t be a victim of expensive bills and drafty rooms again! I hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday and that you have a countless list of blessings this year. Xoxo, Rachel


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