Repurposing with Rachel

I talk about it all the time- West Bottoms of Kansas City is where many of my dreams are born. The sweetest of home decor, vintage steals, and refinished old furniture can be found in a unique, modern, all inclusive environment every month. Not only can you go buy new pieces for your home, you can take classes, too! My mom and I love to make it out to learn new tricks of the trade and over this holiday break, she put me to the test as I fixed up some furniture for her bedroom. 


first step is to clean your furniture to ensure it has no dust or yuckies that will make the paint peal prematurely. My mom makes her own, similar to this DIY cleaner. Once you’re clean, you’re ready to paint that first coat if you have your color! We LOVE using Amy Howard’s one step paint. It’s more expensive but takes 1 coat for most projects and once wax is applied, the furniture is MUCH softer than normal hardware store options.


I applied 2 coats before I started sanding on this nightstand and definitely should have stopped at 1. When sanding, pick areas of the furniture you think might look good with a little wear and tear or that would naturally age quicker. Use sand paper with 220 grit for best results.


Once you’ve put the stress on the furniture that suits you, it’s time to start waxing. Don’t fret! Your furniture isn’t going to look even or natural right now. Amy Howard paint requires a good wax to pull the look together and make it uniform.


For surfaces that will be used often, 3 layers of wax is necessary. Let the wax sit for a few hours between each application and make sure you buff it into the wood grain efficiently.


Your final piece is going to look very natural and worn down in the best way. Never again will I go out and buy an expensive, matching furniture set when it’s this easy and affordable to reinvent gorgeous pieces! You can use this on ANY wood- headboards, desks, kitchen tables, cabinets. Have fun, get crafty, and be kind!! Xoxo, Rachel


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