Christmas Caffeine

I LOVE COFFEE, if you haven’t noticed yet! I love my coffee black most days but during the holiday season, I am so bad about my spending at Kansas City coffee shops and Starbucks. This is an addiction that gets expensive. I often wonder, how much have I spent collectively in the last 4 years on lattes? I think I would rather not know… This season my plan is to be more conscious about my caffeine intake, how much I’m spending on coffee, and the environmental effects of our nation’s Starbucks obsession. COFFEE CUPS

One of the biggest ways we can save money and be kind to the Earth with our daily drinks is carrying our own cup. I wrote a previous post based on just this idea because it’s so important! You save a few cents every time you bring your own cup and you’re not throwing your paper cups into the trash every day.

espresso machine

Instead of getting a deluxe $5 treat every day, try making your froufrou drinks at home with friends and family. You might create a new recipe you love even more! Stores like Ikea sell affordable milk frothers for just $3. You can buy your own espresso machine or just steep your coffee extra strong.

If you’re a Starbucks drinker and see yourself indulging this holiday season with family, sign up for their rewards program. It is easy to become a gold card member (fancy sounding, huh?) and you get a free drink every 12 drinks! I usually order a venti latte made with soy milk and extra shots. $8 drink for free. Not too shabby! As a gold card holder you’ll also be sent free new music on iTunes, exclusive deals, drink ideas, free birthday treats, and free refills in store on black coffee.

Ultimately, we all need to cut ourselves off. According to an Accounting Principals survey, the average young American is spending $20 a week on their coffee! If we were able to cut ourselves off, get our caffeine from home, we’d be saving nearly 1 thousand dollars annually. Whether you have the will power to just say no, or would opt to just be smarter this season, I’ll be joining you in this test. Enjoy your warm drinks on these cold days and call me for a coffee date!

Stay kind and caffeinated! Xoxo, Rachel


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