Waste Less, Live More (efficiently)

Nothing makes me cringe more than being wasteful (okay, that’s not true but you get what I am saying) and I do it a LOT without noticing. I think it’s because we live in a society so used to just tossing things in the trash. If we don’t firsthand see the repercussions of this lifestyle, we aren’t actually being affected…right? WRONG!!! All it takes is ONE person sharing with a friend how easy it is to significantly waste less to make a movement that can impact our Earth’s entire future.

What changes can we make to be a less wasteful society? There are many, but here are some of my personal favorites.

Get organized!! If you organize your life, it becomes difficult to overbuy anything. From your food pantry, to your clothes and shoes, to your garage. If you can see what you already have, you’re less likely to go out and purchase duplicates of things.

Avoid Unnecessary Packaging Sometimes this is impossible to do, but shopping locally is a great way to start. Sometimes our food comes in far too much plastic and wrap, and then we take it home in a plastic shopping bag. Instead, travel with your own reusable packaging and bags.

Get friends involved! It’s way more fun to make changes in our lives if we aren’t doing it alone. Support is always needed and you can make it a memory you have with the special people in your life. You can also share groceries with a family member to ensure you won’t waste any food, and carpool to save on gas.

Never throw out I know, this sounds really aggressive. Certainly there are instances where throwing something away is inevitable and necessary but really think hard before using that trashcan. Most towns have recycling options for plastic, paper, cardboard, cans, etc. There are also ways to donate old batteries, light bulbs, and broken electronics. School districts love odds and ends for projects, especially art teachers! In bigger cities there are creativity centers that are all about sustainability, like Turnip Green in Nashville, TN.

A lot of times people assume that the small steps they make in their life won’t make a difference. Although this may be true, if we each vowed to make a small, easy change, the impact would be HUGE. What is your favorite way to reuse/ live sustainably?

My biggest tip is to make changes one at a time. Sometimes when we’re really inspired by something, we want instant gratification but that’s unrealistic and often leads to a burnout before change is even seen. Instead, take baby steps towards a more sustainable you! xoxo, Rachel

happy holidays


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