New year, new goals!

Hello friends and happy new year! The last month has brought me so much family time, catching up with old friends, missing my friends from school, and much needed rest. I hope that yours has been everything you wanted it to be!This semester brings a class that I am beyond excited for: Grassroots Environmentalism. I am sharing this with you because my blog is going to look a little differently for the next 4 months. My plan is to share with you every week things discussed and explored in class every week. It is my hope that I learn more about what it means to be an environmentalist through this endeavor and that I can share some insightful thoughts and ideas with all of you! New Year 2015

With a new year comes many resolutions and goals that will help you become a better YOU. Whether you already made this resolution or not, I dare each and every one of you to pick a daily practice that is mindful to our Earth and stick to it! Whether you take recycling more serious in your kitchen, you create a compost bin, or spending more time at your local animal shelter.

Enjoy the rest of your break and stay safe if the weather gets bad. I’ll see y’all soon for the final countdown (aka I am graduating in 4 months..what?!?!)

Xoxo, Rachel


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