Small Steps, Big Change

Hey friends! I hope you’ve had a great month! I am a few weeks into my last semester of college and I couldn’t have picked a better 12 credit spread to end it on.

Guitar for Elementary Education is more fun than a class should be, but I’m also blessed with two very thought provoking courses: ethics of communication and grassroots environmentalism. Both classes dive into questions such as, is this right or wrong? How do we decided? How can we change society? How can we fix the problems of the world? YEAH, not so easy to answer.

So, as I explore the themes in these classes I’ll be sharing ideas with you, as well as some environmental projects of my own. What I want to share with you today is something that a student in grassroots said that struck a strong chord in my heart and I am hoping it moves you as well. Bare with me as I paraphrase what my classmate let off of her heart:

Students of Truman walk around and see the problems that are in Adair County, neighbors who have meth addictions, other neighbors who don’t know where the next meal that their family gets will come from, yet we walk around and do nothing. In fact, we pretend it isn’t happening, or worse, make fun of these individual without doing 1 thing to try and change the situation. We are fortunate enough to be receiving this education and reap the benefits of our community yet, when the going get tough, we’re only here for school. Nothing more. We obsess over things with little meaning in comparison to the oppression and inequality all around us. What can we do to change?

Though the answer is not easy, I think my classmates and I have some pretty creative ways to take a step forward towards positive change. And if her message didn’t resonate in you to think a little more consciously, maybe this next part will…

This sweet 7 year old girl is an activist for endangered species. I hope she inspires you as she did me!

Have a blessed weekend! Xoxo, Rachel


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