Small Steps, Big Change

Hey friends! I hope you’ve had a great month! I am a few weeks into my last semester of college and I couldn’t have picked a better 12 credit spread to end it on. Continue reading


New year, new goals!

Hello friends and happy new year! The last month has brought me so much family time, catching up with old friends, missing my friends from school, and much needed rest. I hope that yours has been everything you wanted it to be!This semester brings a class that I am beyond excited for: Grassroots Environmentalism. I am sharing this with you because my blog is going to look a little differently for the next 4 months. My plan is to share with you every week things discussed and explored in class every week. It is my hope that I learn more about what it means to be an environmentalist through this endeavor and that I can share some insightful thoughts and ideas with all of you! New Year 2015

With a new year comes many resolutions and goals that will help you become a better YOU. Whether you already made this resolution or not, I dare each and every one of you to pick a daily practice that is mindful to our Earth and stick to it! Whether you take recycling more serious in your kitchen, you create a compost bin, or spending more time at your local animal shelter.

Enjoy the rest of your break and stay safe if the weather gets bad. I’ll see y’all soon for the final countdown (aka I am graduating in 4 months..what?!?!)

Xoxo, Rachel

Waste Less, Live More (efficiently)

Nothing makes me cringe more than being wasteful (okay, that’s not true but you get what I am saying) and I do it a LOT without noticing. I think it’s because we live in a society so used to just tossing things in the trash. If we don’t firsthand see the repercussions of this lifestyle, we aren’t actually being affected…right? WRONG!!! All it takes is ONE person sharing with a friend how easy it is to significantly waste less to make a movement that can impact our Earth’s entire future. Continue reading

Christmas Caffeine

I LOVE COFFEE, if you haven’t noticed yet! I love my coffee black most days but during the holiday season, I am so bad about my spending at Kansas City coffee shops and Starbucks. This is an addiction that gets expensive. I often wonder, how much have I spent collectively in the last 4 years on lattes? I think I would rather not know… This season my plan is to be more conscious about my caffeine intake, how much I’m spending on coffee, and the environmental effects of our nation’s Starbucks obsession. COFFEE CUPS Continue reading

Repurposing with Rachel

I talk about it all the time- West Bottoms of Kansas City is where many of my dreams are born. The sweetest of home decor, vintage steals, and refinished old furniture can be found in a unique, modern, all inclusive environment every month. Not only can you go buy new pieces for your home, you can take classes, too! My mom and I love to make it out to learn new tricks of the trade and over this holiday break, she put me to the test as I fixed up some furniture for her bedroom.  Continue reading

Staying Warm this Winter

The time has come where we begin to wrap up the semester and wrap up Christmas gifts. Is there a feeling more relieving and magical? I will no longer be writing this blog as an assignment and will be taking down my required disclaimer however, my hopes are that I continue sharing great ideas for environmentally friendly living and crafting! Next semester I am enrolled in a course called Grassroots Environmentalism and I am confident that I will have a lot to share with you until May.  Continue reading

Giving for the Holidays

With the holidays and winter around the corner (or for some of us- already here, darn snow!), folks are in the most need NOW. When you take yourself outside of your own worries and wishes to help out a stranger who is facing a set of trials as well, you put your own life into perspective and help change the lives of others in the process. How can you make a difference this winter? Funny you ask, there are many underrated opportunities to help others near and far.  Continue reading

DIY cleaning

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you all enjoyed an extra hour in your day to be productive, thoughtful, or well-rested. As a 21 year old in college, I haven’t purchased very much cleaning product (thanks to my mom for being a CLEAN-AHOLIC) but after checking out some prices, I see that it can get expensive to clean your home.  Continue reading

Lights OUT!

We are all guilty of it: leaving a light on through the night when we are sleeping or when we are gone all day. Sure, it is comforting knowing that lamp is burning in the living room while we are getting Zzz’s in our bed. Is this worth it? Are these actions cranking up the electricity bills, wasting fossil fuels, and emitting greenhouse gases?  Continue reading