Waste Less, Live More (efficiently)

Nothing makes me cringe more than being wasteful (okay, that’s not true but you get what I am saying) and I do it a LOT without noticing. I think it’s because we live in a society so used to just tossing things in the trash. If we don’t firsthand see the repercussions of this lifestyle, we aren’t actually being affected…right? WRONG!!! All it takes is ONE person sharing with a friend how easy it is to significantly waste less to make a movement that can impact our Earth’s entire future. Continue reading


Christmas Caffeine

I LOVE COFFEE, if you haven’t noticed yet! I love my coffee black most days but during the holiday season, I am so bad about my spending at Kansas City coffee shops and Starbucks. This is an addiction that gets expensive. I often wonder, how much have I spent collectively in the last 4 years on lattes? I think I would rather not know… This season my plan is to be more conscious about my caffeine intake, how much I’m spending on coffee, and the environmental effects of our nation’s Starbucks obsession. COFFEE CUPS Continue reading

Giving for the Holidays

With the holidays and winter around the corner (or for some of us- already here, darn snow!), folks are in the most need NOW. When you take yourself outside of your own worries and wishes to help out a stranger who is facing a set of trials as well, you put your own life into perspective and help change the lives of others in the process. How can you make a difference this winter? Funny you ask, there are many underrated opportunities to help others near and far.  Continue reading