Christmas Caffeine

I LOVE COFFEE, if you haven’t noticed yet! I love my coffee black most days but during the holiday season, I am so bad about my spending at Kansas City coffee shops and Starbucks. This is an addiction that gets expensive. I often wonder, how much have I spent collectively in the last 4 years on lattes? I think I would rather not know… This season my plan is to be more conscious about my caffeine intake, how much I’m spending on coffee, and the environmental effects of our nation’s Starbucks obsession. COFFEE CUPS Continue reading


Carry Your Cup!

Hey Friends!

If you’re a Truman student, I hope you had a fabulous Homecoming 2014. If you’re not, well I hope your week was still awesome. Last week I posted that I wanted to talk about shopping local today BUT I had a bit of inspiration for something else: REUSABLE CUPS/MUGS/BOTTLES!  Continue reading