DIY cleaning

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you all enjoyed an extra hour in your day to be productive, thoughtful, or well-rested. As a 21 year old in college, I haven’t purchased very much cleaning product (thanks to my mom for being a CLEAN-AHOLIC) but after checking out some prices, I see that it can get expensive to clean your home.  Continue reading


Convenience of Composting

Rotting, gnarly, reeking…. These are the words my roommates use to describe our weekly composting. So, maybe it isn’t the cleanest bucket around but we are lucky to have such an easy opportunity to be a little green!

Some people ask, ‘What’s composting?’ and ‘Like, why even bother?’ To all my diva sisters and brothers out there who don’t see the good, let me tell you something.. You’re taking WASTE and creating something USEFUL again… Fresh, beautiful soil! What are the best things to compost you ask?

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