Waste Less, Live More (efficiently)

Nothing makes me cringe more than being wasteful (okay, that’s not true but you get what I am saying) and I do it a LOT without noticing. I think it’s because we live in a society so used to just tossing things in the trash. If we don’t firsthand see the repercussions of this lifestyle, we aren’t actually being affected…right? WRONG!!! All it takes is ONE person sharing with a friend how easy it is to significantly waste less to make a movement that can impact our Earth’s entire future. Continue reading


New Life for Old Tees

If you’re anything like me, you have 2 or 3 drawers full of high school t-shirts at your parents’ home, and too many college shirts at school. I hate throwing away tees but when they’re that old, what on Earth can you do with them?  Continue reading

Carry Your Cup!

Hey Friends!

If you’re a Truman student, I hope you had a fabulous Homecoming 2014. If you’re not, well I hope your week was still awesome. Last week I posted that I wanted to talk about shopping local today BUT I had a bit of inspiration for something else: REUSABLE CUPS/MUGS/BOTTLES!  Continue reading

Welcome, folks!

            Hello young people and welcome to my little environmental blog. Hopefully you found yourself here because you have an urge in your soul to start living more conscious to the decisions you make and how they affect our lovely GREEN planet so that Earth stays green for years and years to come! If you’re ready to start changing your life small steps at a time and adopt more environmentally sound habits, hop on your bike, strap on your helmet,                           and let’s get to it!

            I try and pack my lunch (or at least snacks!) every day since I stay on campus for many hours straight,  but there’s something about reusing Ziplock baggies that can gross a girl out. I ran a half marathon in Chicago last summer and made the most EPIC find in an outdoors store: Blue Avocado lunch bags. Not only does this company have so many great options to choose from for your own traveling food needs, they’re super trendy, too.

blue avocadoblue avocado 2blue avocado 3

What’s better than cute, reusable, earth-friendly, and AFFORDABLE containers for our favorite foods?

You’re right. Nothin’!

I hope you check out Blue Avocado and stay tuned next week: we’re diggin’ into plants, bedroom edition!

Be kind, xoxo Rachel